Alison Myles Flute

Inspiring Flute Tone

Inspiring Flute Tone is an imaginative collection of excerpts which will:

  • Inspire you to practise your tone
  • Help you to develop an even more beautiful sound
  • Make you keen to play to see how much better you are


Congratulations! I was really happy to come across your book 'inspiring flute tone'. Many concise, to the point and helpful descriptions, illuminating the tonal essence of each excerpt you have provided, whilst giving the student space to experiment with their sound. I think it's wonderful how you have combined so many different orchestral, chamber and solo excerpts, all relevant to a modern day career, into this book. Highly recommended!

ADAM WALKER Principal Flute London Symphony Orchestra

I just wanted to tell you how FANTASTIC I have found it! I love the fact that you’ve used so many gorgeous orchestral parts (my passion, of course!) and the texts are really great & very helpful. What a wonderful book you have created... CONGRATULATIONS & THANK YOU!!

EMILY BEYNON Principal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Visiting Professor Royal Academy of Music

I am delighted to have this facility for both the students and myself! Thanks for all your hard work compiling this for our benefit... Pleased Trinity went ahead with the order. Congratulations!

LYNDA COFFIN Ex Principal Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, & City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Professor Trinity College of Music

This is a really valuable book and an ideal companion to Tone Development Through Interpretation (or indeed, an alternative to it, as these days the Moyse book can be difficult to obtain and certainly remains very expensive). Highly recommended.


"Extra inspiration!"
This is a must-have for all flute players interested in sounding good - including me!

CHRISTINE HANKIN Review JUST FLUTES - Inspiring Flute Tone

...big congratulations on your book. What a fantastic achievement and what a great collection of melodies you have chosen.
Congratulations once again.

VERNON HILL Ex Principal Melbourne Symphony Orchestra